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Veteran Testimonials

Cherokee helps keep me calm by creating physical barrier and moving me when my adrenaline goes up. Even after we graduated, I taught Cherokee new tasks to help me. I was able to do this because AVBF taught me how to train Cherokee and worked with us as a team. Ken
Before getting Buddy, I always looked down at the ground. Now, because of him, I am able to make eye contact with people. He helped restore my confidence, a positive impact that has lasted even after Buddy stopped working. Connie
Shelby motivates me to get out of the house. She'll bring my boots right to the bed and watch me until I get up. She has allowed me to relax when we go out, and to stay out longer. She also reminds me to take my medications. Alan
The thought of going out in public used to be terrifying. Since getting Athena, I have the confidence I need to spend more time outside of my home. Dorinda
Axel has made it possible to go out in public. Having him made me face my problems, and with him by my side, I was able to overcome anxiety and depression. Amanda
Dusty has not only turned my life around, but he has given me purpose. He calms me when times get rough. He has given me something to focus on other than bad memories and bad times. He brings joy and laughter to our lives. He has become part of our family. Tim